Haibun – Half-cocked

crap storm



“A violent windstorm the night before
the solstice.”

– Jim Harrison


Politics is politicsart is art. If you play a political role, you have to stop being an artist.”

– Youssou N’Dour


We have many different kinds of storms here on Planet Earth – summer plains storms, Pacific coastal storms, Nor’easters, tropical storms, hurricanes (also called typhoons or cyclones), winter storms.  For the past few years we’ve been suffering through a crap storm (tempête de merde, scheiß sturm, καταιγίδα, , tormenta de mierda… to my English-tuned ears, it sounds better in these other languages!) across the planet.  Crap flying here, crap flying there.  Everyone flapping gums about the crap in the air.  And very few people smart enough to grab shovels and start fertilizing.


hot wind is blowing
storm season calls us to act –
hand out chewing gum!


Day 25 of Jilly’s “Days of Unreason” challenge.  Taken primarily from Jim Harrison’s collection of poetry, Songs of Unreason, these prompts are meant to be springboards off which your muse, your id, that irrepressible (and potentially damaged) voice that guides your writing, may do cannonballs, poorly-executed swan dives, or just hold-your-nose-and-go-in-feet-first-ogling-the-lifeguard-stuff.  Jim Harrison had an overriding philosophy that guided his efforts:  “Unlike a lot of writers, I don’t have any craving to be understood.”  That’s really freeing when approaching this challenge!

Posted to dVerse Poets Pub, Haibun Monday.  Jilly is hosting and is asking us to write a haibun using an unconventional kigo.  I think I managed to do that.


“We all know that Art is not truth.
Art is a lie that makes us realize truth,
at least the truth that is given us to understand.
The artist must know the manner whereby
to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.”

― Pablo Picasso

72 thoughts on “Haibun – Half-cocked

    • And I have managed to keep it completely apolitical! My greatest concern is for our loss of civility — which, I suppose someone will say, is a politicized construct put in place to keep (fill in the blank) at bay. Either side could make this argument. But there are more than two sides… really!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  1. Your Picasso quote could easily substitute politics or politician and it would work very well. You are right about the crap flying around us. Everyone has an opinion, but few have a solution! Good job!


    • Indeed! Part of the problem is that most have an opinion… just not their own opinion. Sheep over here, sheep over there. I’m not political. I write poetry. When one of the great outlets (media) want to pay me, I’ll consider whether I’m a poet… or a dime-a-dance floozy. 🙂

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  2. Oh the crap storms!!!! Somehow we need sanitized umbrellas to make it through. The question is, will we? Can civility be hiding behind the clouds hoping for a new dawn soon?


  3. A crap storm, that is something I want to avoid being with ~ Hate it though when hot air is blowing, and most specially when it is coming from someone with a bigoted beyond belief ~


  4. When outside in a shit storm I always wear a wide brimmed hat; never be shy to dip your quill into politics–it’s part of the human condition, and like religion or love, it is worthy of poetics.


    • I subscribe to the quotes by Youssou N’Dour and Picasso. Art dipped in politics is propaganda at best, horse hockey at worst. The only redeeming thing about some artworks is that their artists weren’t dipping their brushes in the manure pile. There isn’t a “successful” politician out there that hasn’t pimped themselves in some way or other.

      But, to each his or her own.


    • I apologize, Glenn. That was a harsh response. The truth is I’m tired of all things political. I’m tired of listening and watching the people of this country tear themselves apart over things that may or may not be truthfully told. I’m also tired of the people overseas chiming in on things that are really none of their business, when they have their own messes to fix. So, no, I don’t find politics — in any form — fodder for poetry. Poetry is the anti-politics in my eye.

      Meanwhile, let us be at peace. Again, I apologize for being uncivil.


  5. You are a font of wisdom Charley. Those crap storms seem to be about a crapagory 5. The chewing gum solution makes the most sense. Love the Haiku. Lace it with a calming substance, or exlax and that will take care of the rest.


    • Thank you! I spent literally… minutes… composing this. It’s strictly what I’ve been seeing and experiencing this past year. It’s why I avoid politicospeak with a passion. No one would come out unscathed! I’m glad you enjoyed this.


      • No, the great crime — and watch carefully and see if this is not true — is that everyone who’s talking is talking incessantly, not listening, not willing to listen to and hear the other side’s take. A nation, a world of mouths with no ears. And to my ears… no brains. We were taught to see the other side, to learn it inside and out. That would make us better able to argue against it. It would also make us better, because we might learn something from the other side. The adults of this world are arguing from a playground stance, “Oh yeah?!?” “Yeah!” “Am not!” “Are too!” “R2… D2!” Blah blah blah! It’s not art. It’s not worth listening to. Everyone has one tool in their arsenal — the beloved hammer. Every issue is a nail.

        See! Not a word of poetry in the whole rant!

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      • That is true. We value understanding enemy to be better able to destroy him, all the while forgetting how we can empathize with the other side, and really solving the issue. Still, I would not support silence, We just have to shout the truth louder I guess. By truth I mean, the dose of kindness, and humanity we gravely need.

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    • I’m not sure I subscribe to his paintings… I also like the quote, “Politics is politics; art is art. If you play a political role, you have to stop being an artist.” – Youssou N’Dour

      Not everyone is going to agree with me. That’s the great thing about art. It’s not an objective thing — purely subjective. And I decide to stay away from politics. There’s enough people selling their souls on both sides of the spectrum.


      • I agree with what you are doing. To my taste, most protest “art” comes off as propaganda… no matter who does it. But then I feel inundated with the hate that motivates almost all of it. Your work has never offended my senses! 🙂


  6. Yes, Crap wind, but more like a snowstorm….covering us. I really like that quote at the top, about politics is politics and art is art and playing a political role denies your art. Or something like that. it’s a reason , actually the perfect reason that I have withdrawn from community politics (ugh…) because for 30 years I worked my ass off and no one listened. And I am an artist for 50 years. Jesus! And I am a slowwwwww learner. LOL.


  7. I like the voice you employ in this one. The sheer awesomeness of the metaphor, and the skilled imagery you use to shape it, speaks for itself!

    As for politics: my own approach is to bear witness to the truth in a given situation through story about those most affected by a given stance. I then let the readers derive what they will from it. The poetics of witness is as far political as I intend my poetry to go.


  8. This is a truly crappy Haibun, Charley. Glad you wrote it – made my whole week. I’m with you – sticking to only 2 of 3 monkeys.


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