“The world that used to nurse us
now keeps shouting insane instructions.
That’s why I ran to the woods.”

– Jim Harrison




Subj:      Request for more information

Mr. Harrison –

With only three days remaining in Jilly’s 2016 “28 Days of Unreason” challenge, I have ran up hard against this tercet, and I have just these few questions:

  1. When did the world ever nurse any of us, and how?
  2. When you say “now” it implies that the insane instructions are novel. How do they differ from all the previously insane instructions the world has shouted at us?
  3. Do you really expect the woods to be any quieter in its unreasonable demands?

Please respond, with documentation, within the next five business days.  If we have not received a response in this office by the deadline stated you will contacted via text messaging from the woods (better safe than sorry).

Thank you.

Charley (Life in Portofino)


* * *


Day 22 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge, and I am forced to go to the source.  Hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.  Poetry isn’t pretty.



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