Triolet: Möbius


M. C. Escher – Pinterest


“I see today that everyone on earth
wants the answer to the same question
but none has the language to ask it.”

– Jim Harrison


Dumb-struck, blind.  Never knowing why.

Not able to articulate

the question.  Why, oh, why am I

dumb?  Struck blind.  Never knowing.  Why

can’t I?  How very hard I try

to verbalize in a bad state.

Dumb struck.  Blind never.  Knowing why.

Not able to articulate


* * *


Day 21 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge.  Oh, man!  That means we only have seven more days of unreason!

…oh, okay… anyone who knows me, or has been by for a read, knows that I live by unreason.



9 thoughts on “Triolet: Möbius

  1. An Escher poem if ever I saw one. Firstly, bravo for doing this form at such a high level; Hardy would love it. The questions that don’t seem to have an answer but, in puzzle-like fashion, they work themselves out by a slight shifting of the words and the punctuation placement so that the riddle unravels itself in the end. “I know but I can’t put it in words.” This poems reveals the brilliance of the poet’s mind. Superb!!!


    • Thank you! I have found a form that actually works for me — not always, but sometimes. The question in the prompt is irrelevant to the responding as a poet. The inability is what really drew me in. I thought, aphasia? Has this person gone non-verbal like a student I had last year? Is this the prophet who, after training to be a temple priest, watched the temple destroyed, the people of God taken into captivity, and crawled up onto a hill of rubble and covered his mouth, speechless. It is a prompt that demands deep thought and reflection. Thank you for your deep reading, reflection, and putting up with this wordy response! 🙂

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  2. yes I had to look up Möbius – the switch of dimensions is dazzlingly dizzying – (alliteration is all about adjacent articulation as in the Escher)
    “to verbalize in a bad state.” I am running through this one in my head!


  3. The level you took this to is astounding! Punctuation is King….. giving new meaning with each breath! I’ve saved this…. going to try it in this form one day and ‘wow’ the world!💪🏽
    Brilliant 😊

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