When the Crazy Child* Blurts


“I’m quite tired of beating myself up
to write.  I think I’ll start letting
the words slip out like a tired child.
‘Can I have a piece of pie’ he asks,
and then he’s asleep back on the cusp of the moon.”

– Jim Harrison



Yes, on the cusp of the moon,
guiltless youngster.

While I find myself hanging
on the horns of a dilemma
(yes, I know it’s overused,
cliché…) staring
down at the scorched
parchment, the fountain pen still smoking.

The child, any child –
whether physically or emotionally immature
or bone-achingly creeping
toward the Great Divide –
seldom has filters… decorum.

The words have indeed slipped out…
like murder.

Now I am faced with (fill
in an appropriate metaphor
from your favorite mythology,
Bible passage, or Shakespearean gem).

Do I publish?


do I take my latest writing in hand, fold
it – as a child would – and fly
it in the direction of the cusp?


* * *


Harrison strikes again!  It’s Day 19 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason.”  We are faced with this insurmountable prompt that double-god dares us to write something… anything!

So I wrote anything.

*To understand the Crazy Child reference, click here.

13 thoughts on “When the Crazy Child* Blurts

  1. a hot pen write Charely and enjoyed the bracket inserts for reader – those cliches are sometimes just the mot juste where nothing else with do – love the paper plane ending


    • Thank you! I just played with this prompt… which is when I write my better, lighter efforts. I’m glad you are vertical, and that you wrote… I’ve read and will respond in a bit. Duty calls!


  2. Excellent choice to take the child head-on! This is a fun and clever bit of writing and that voice that wonders about turning the written masterpiece into a paper airplane is endearing. Also, the words have slipped out…like murder! That is loaded! Mostly, I am thrilled you highlighted one of my most favorite books – Love, Love, Love Matson & Crazy Child. It is my writer’s bible.
    Hey! Anyone who is reading this! Get a copy of Let the Crazy Child Write! I know, it’s kinda hippy, but totally worth every page.
    My appologies to Charley for taking over his Life here in Portofino 🙂


    • First off… feel free to abscond with my blog. (I think that’s an old vaudeville joke — “Take my blog… please!) Thank you for your comments on this, my attempt to take my crazy child to task. He can’t drop these bombs onto my blotter and then scamper off as if to bed, laughing. Well… I guess he can… obviously he does….

      The murder line is also one of my favorites in this very weird poem. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jill!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you did just what this prompt called for–even if I read creeping as creepy at first–which kind of goes with the murder line, I suppose. 😉
    I loved the paper airplane ending, too.


  4. sir, this really worked for me/ my favorite part was creeping :
    “toward the Great Divide –seldom has filters… decorum.” Yikes


  5. “The words have indeed slipped out…
    like murder” — Ooooh!!! Awesome. And then fold it up into a paper airplane and fly into the cusp of the moon. That is terrific. Playful, but an adult’s voice and a balance between the two.


    • I’m glad you like this. I just took that child, sat him down in a chair, and gave him a good talking to. (I also taught him how to make a proper paper airplane… floating lyrics above the stratocumulus of inspiration.)


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