Wise In the Way


“Prolonged exposure to nature
gives one a sort of…wisdom of the soil.”

– Jim Harrison


The soil knows.

The smallest seed knows what it is meant to be.

Every creature learns its place and purpose, given


I have faith you’ll eventually figure things out.


* * *


Day 17… can you imagine?  Already?  Day 17 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason.”  …anybody else’s butt dragging, or is it just me?

25 thoughts on “Wise In the Way

  1. I wish I had more faith in that last line than I actually do. That everything will proceed as it must, certainly. That everyone, or even most, will come to understand and accept that?


  2. Significant that you single out the word Time as a solitary line, giving it the strength it deserves. I read a bit a humor and possibly even sarcasm in this poem, but maybe it is just that you employ those things and I am accustomed to the writer. At what point in ‘Time’ do any of us figure it out? If we are steeped enough in the lines of Harrison, my guess is that it will be in that moment of death. And now my comment is longer than your poem and I’ll stop 😉


    • Your comment is perhaps deeper than my poem! For some it will be the 2 by 4 across the forehead moment. That can be at any time. For others… perhaps their dust will whisper, “Ahhh! Crap!” 🙂

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  3. I’m sceptical too about our ability to ‘figure it out’ and the result to be positive. The difference between us and everything else is exactly because we do figure and calculate and squirm and prevaricate, do what we know is mean, selfish and destructive. A seed doesn’t ‘know’ anything, it just does, and it does it perfectly. Just don’t ask it to put men on the moon 🙂


    • In a response to Jilly (that you may have already read), I said, “For some it will be the 2 by 4 across the forehead moment. That can be at any time. For others… perhaps their dust will whisper, ‘Ahhh! Crap!’” I’ve also said that I subscribe to “the glass can be refilled” philosophy of life. Yes, people can be stupid, mean-spirited, data-driven, results-driven, bottom-liners for whom the entirety of life’s purpose is to make others’ lives a living hell. And then there are poets and artists (although some of them manage to fit into the categories above, too!). I worked with a Clinical Social Worker when I did home visitation hospice. She was a Quaker. The poster that hung behind her desk said, “I have resigned from being the general manager of the universe.”

      People who set out to make other peoples’ lives miserable only succeed when other people notice them and become miserable. While I agree that too many bad things are happening out there, I also have to agree that my best weapon against them is the one that has worked (if only for short bits of time) against them. My wit and my pen.

      God help us all!


      • I wasn’t really thinking of the people who set out to be evil, but the vast majority of people who are passively evil by doing nothing for anything or anybody and raking all the good stuff in for themselves with the self-righteous war cry of ‘my family first’ meaning of course ‘me first’ and there is no second place anyway.


      • Ah, well… from my time teaching in a school from which many of my students come from homes of acquirement and privilege (and believe me, contrary to what appears in our media, the whites in the U.S. have nothing on Hispanics and Americans of African Heritage when it comes to privilege and entitlement issues), these people are building their own special corners of hell — in the form of children.

        The problem with the broad brush strokes of today’s rhetoric is that it slaps bunkum on people who are in no way deserving of it. Case in point — the Gates Foundation, which pumps billions of dollars into improving the education the poorest of the poor receive. There are others.

        That’s one of the reasons I cross read all my news sources. Most of it is crap… some of it may inadvertently contain a seed of truth.


      • I don’t know about how the entitled and privileged live. In this country, if you’re not one of them you’re never likely to find out. I live with the people with a monthly household income of around $1500. They don’t have the opportunities to be as grabby as the rich, but they do what they can to accumulate rubbish, teach their children crap, and destroy the planet just the same as the rich.

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  4. Short, sweet and packed with meaning. It’s alright for creatures and plants…but not for humans.
    Just look at the state of the world. We have free will- so we do ‘what’s best’…..and are shocked at the resulting chaos.
    It’s not just your butt that’s dragging….. I’m at half tank here. But remember:
    A single line of poetry
    can speak the wisdom
    of an entire novel

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