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“I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow
by I don’t know what.”

— Jim Harrison


However, I live for the surprise.

Prescience obtrudes.

Ultrasound gender check.
X-rayed birthday gifts.

I’ll not be amazed by what I already know.

The drama is gone,
all electricity sucked

The flash, the bolt
takes away the jolt
of the thunder.

One year I went
out into a thunder
snow storm –
lightning red, lightning green…

who knew what was coming next.


* * *


Day 9 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge — SURPRISE!!!  Nah, just funnin’!  Anyway, it’s been a great ride thus far (so far?  this far?).

17 thoughts on “Fortuity

  1. Hmm- interesting take on the quote, Charley. Astonishment requires surprise – the unknown being revealed in a moment. The metaphor of the thunder snow storm is so present and real and it draws the reader up with the unexpected in your poem. Marvelous! You leave me with an unsettled feeling of expectation and adventure and that is astonishing! Crafty writing, oh sly one! (And I, too, hate spoiling a surprise.)


  2. I felt like replying to Harrison by saying, ‘if you knew what you were going to be astonished by, you wouldn’t be astonished.’ I know what you mean. Peering into the womb and the private parts of your baby seems so terribly disrespectful to me, and unnecessary. Unless you’re into getting rid of all your girl babies. Sorry for being black, but it’s one of those days.

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  3. some lovely surprises in this poem Charely – “Prescience obtrudes”. The staccato tone creates that suspended tension of the unknowable advent –


  4. Thunder snow storm – I’ve heard of these! Was the lightning really different colors? Yes, we live in a world of the increasing illusion of predictive certainty. We will miss so much adventure, and not even know we are missing it.


    • Thank you! I don’t often strive for comfortable (you should see what I don’t post!). I’m glad you came by for a read. And I’m always happy when you respond. (Feel free to take off the gloves anytime you find me heading for comfortable!)

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