Haibun – Cull


Write.  Why is the DVD drive whirring?  Ignore it!  Did I leave a movie in it?  When was the last time I watched a movie?  What would it have been…?  Maybe it’s the last thing I listened to as I wrote.  When was the last time I wrote?  What did I write…?  Wonder how my submissions are coming along.  Are you going to write?  Yeah, give me a minute.  Facebook?  Are you kidding me?  What are you, my muse or my editor?  I just need to get into the right frame of—  Uh huh.  Call me when you’re ready to get serious.  Hey!  Could you bring me some coffee when you come back?

I saw that!

clueless what to write –
one less voice in my head now
muse-less walk in rain


* * *

Posted to dVerse Poets Pub where Frank Hubney is hosting Haibun Monday.  The prompt is “silent sound” — whatever that means to each of us.

32 thoughts on “Haibun – Cull

  1. Facebook calling again. This time for sure it is worth the distraction. Oh, wait, no, better, Wikipedia! Bing, you have mail. Nope, WP sending you a Like…


  2. I really enjoyed that. Facebook can really mess our heads some days. Those insistent voices telling us to think of every other thing except the thing we really want to think of.


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