Haibun: Coyote Bait


At the end of my last of three midnight shifts, my forecast published, waiting to brief the morning crew, I took a sticky note and – marker in hand – wrote, “DO NOT REMOVE.”  I affixed it to the forecaster’s briefing counter, off to the side.  Shift over, I bid the Air Force Weather station a three-day’s adieu.  I was proud to serve as a Combat Weatherman (able to tell you it will rain tomorrow, and then kill you).

My personal unit motto – rejected by my superiors – “First to See, Last to Care.”

Refreshed by my break, I entered the station ready for a day shift.  After the morning briefing, I reached over and removed the note I’d left so long ago.  My commander nearly shouted, “It says, ‘DO NOT REMOVE’!”

“I know.  I wrote it.”  Said with a smile.

A confused look.  “Why?”

“I was fishing for a coyote among sheep.”


howls keep the moon up
no peace, sleep or reflection
sign of the joker


* * *

Posted to dVerse Poets Pub for Poetics: Real Life Humor.



37 thoughts on “Haibun: Coyote Bait

  1. I will never ask you for the forecast, promise. That was hilarious Charlie. Apparently they took your warning to heart. I don’t usually write warnings like that, because someone will eat the rest of the cookies anyway. That’s a great real life story!


  2. Wow! OK, super wow. That is great end-to-end. The narrative is rich and provocative (like it’s author). “First to see, last to care” is so good, perfect. The Haiku might be the best I’ve read from you.


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