Redbird with the Rainy Days Blues

cardinal in rain



I watch you press
into a crook; dry
side of an Oak.

Crimson, you flit
into the rain
for morsels to eat.

Back you fly
up into branches,
wet and hanging.

To a nest
well hidden;
mother, chicks

Bored by days of rain.

* * *

Posted to dVerse Poets Pub for Quadrille Monday.  The key word is “rain.”


41 thoughts on “Redbird with the Rainy Days Blues

  1. I like the way the words and stanzas flit like the bird. Shirt, quick, flutters. Great last line, we don’t think of birds getting bored, But we do imagine poets so, LOL!


  2. That’s so quaint. The little birds hiding in the nest, driving mom crazy on a rainy day. “Not worms again, mom”. I’ve been pent up in the rain. Nowadays I kind of like it. The umbrella with little birds on it is cool too.


  3. A moment of nature and motherhood…often so overlooked unless we take the time to stop and observe. We discovered two baby chipmunks peeking out of a hole in our backyard today. So fun to watch.


    • When I was in what once was the Boy Scouts, I woke up one morning with a chipmunk asleep on my chest. Five other guys watched from their cots as it woke, stretched and went away. It made our day!


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