Unequally Yolked


Huevo, my dear!
or pickled – with beer.

like my brain.
alleviates pain –
and anxiety?!?

Sparrow in Korea.
Chicken, Duck,
Goose and Quail.
Suck Balut
just for luck.

Oval ova
ovum?  No va!
(Don’t go there)

Omelette, Egg-drop …
Humptey’s kinda cracked.


Posted in dVerse Poets Pub for Quadrille night.  The prompt…?  Egg, of course!

43 thoughts on “Unequally Yolked

  1. Hah! oval ova……and on and on….egging the reader on here. LOVE the play on words and the clever references. Well done! Eggsactly what I wanted for my morning word-read with my strong cup of joe! 🙂


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