Nightmare Times

Shadow Creation,
misting down
attic stairs.
Cold “haint” fills my nightmare times,
takes leave with my soul.

Be gone, you!
“Undigested beef!
More of gravy than the grave…!”
I refuse your haunt!

Late night sweats.
Down dark alleyways
being chased.
“Have mercy
upon my tortured spirit!”
I cry in the night.


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub for Meeting the Bar.

22 thoughts on “Nightmare Times

  1. Also, one frightened dude named Ebenezer tries to reason away a ghost on Christmas Eve by suggesting indigestion. LOVE the allusions to both pieces of lit here, Charley! (See my above response to Amaya re the other)


    • Thank you! I borrowed it from Harper Lee. I probably should have quotations around it. I’m glad you enjoyed my offering. The food references have been causing me the Dickens!


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