A Renga Challenge


Saturdays are promises misspoken that carry
ammunition for the week.  We enter


I’m starting this Renga Challenge as a part of Jilly’s January Casting Bricks to Attract Jade Challenge.  If you are interested in taking on this challenge, simply respond to me, and I will set us up with a fresh page.  (To keep it open, we can wait until it’s finished to give it a title!)

From Jilly’s blog:  RENGA Challenges:  Renga is a Japanese collaborative poem that involves two or more participants. The idea was suggested last fall by qbit at The Quantumverse and has been great fun!  If you choose to kick off a Renga, include the word ‘Renga’ after your name (qbit – Renga Challenge).  It will be up to you to assign volunteers to work on a Renga Challenge.  I am linking you back to qbit’s explanation from September on this for guidance.

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