Quadrille – Assumption Poker


Leap of disbelief sparked
by many heartbreaks.

Why play doubtful hands
when reason holds aces?

Cannot logically prove
that you will draw
a hand that wins.

Cut your losses.

it in
without checking
your cards.

End a lost night
with Uber fare.


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub, Welcome 2018!  Quadrille #47.

50 thoughts on “Quadrille – Assumption Poker

  1. Knew I shouldn’t have called my never-bluffing niece’s hand this Christmas Eve! Did it anyway! Lucky I didn’t need to look for Uber fare! Love the piercing insight you embed within your satire, Charley!


  2. Well, of course I interpreted that as a parallel between gambling with cards and with love. That fear yet love of risk, the invariable disappointment, the addiction… and that cynical ending in an Uber taxi.


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