Step! Two, three and again
step two! Now – turn around

voice receding –
centrifugal distant tracking
rhythm raises
drum      beat
light deepening

Toss!  Water, water, and again
center with hands – wheel spinning

palms caressing –
thumbs, pressing, opening
fingers guiding
earth shaping
bowl becoming


What fun!  This is my completion of Petru J. Viljoen’s challenge half-quadrille.  She submitted this as part of Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge.  (Or possibly it’s her Casting Bricks December Challenge.  Well, whatever it’s called, it’s a fun time working off another’s impetus — their voice, tone, and, at times, their sass.  I invite you to check it out.  I dare you to try your hand!

9 thoughts on “Creationdance

  1. Pottery! How clever, Charley! You have a unique eye for poetry and clearly know something of art. That last bit – earth shaping / bowl becoming – really well done. So glad you have joined in!


  2. I’m (obviousy) intrigued – and pleased – by/with the different versions this has created. The turning of a pot fits the theme. The control the potter has relates to the discipline of a dancer. I’m a bit of a potter myself so understand. You also took a cue from the creation myth haiku/senryu I posted after this challenge. From a lump of clay, earth, shapeless, to a formed vessel (object).


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