They removed Indigo from the spectrum.

No one told
Nina.  She swings
Indigo like it isn’t the blues.

Piano popping


only stopping
for you to catch —

your breath for the next run.

You ain’t been
blue till you’ve been running
alongside Ms. Simone’s…

not moody,


oh, here it goes


Posted at dVerse Poets Pub, Meeting the Bar.  The subject is Jazz!

29 thoughts on “They removed Indigo from the spectrum.

  1. OH OH OH!!!! The form of your poem fits her take of the songs just perfectly, Charley! The first time I heard this done my her I just about screamed! Mood Indigo is usually done just this side of a dirge and then Nina Simone came along. Hot Damn! (Perfect use of that em dash, too! Gotta love that!)


    • Thank you! I admire her version of this song, so fresh a take. I think the other poem I posted – All Blues – is the deepest I’ve ever disappeared into a song… but this one is close.


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