In Plain Unsight


It’s Poetics Night at dVerse Poets Pub and the prompt for tonight is “to write a poem, of any length or form, about an animal in a human way or a human in an animal way, highlighting some trait of the animal/human that either sets us apart or brings us together – it’s up to you, just as long as the poem is new.”

I have added a page of reference material to my blog — mostly poetry, but not only poetry.  Please take a look and feel free to comment!

53 thoughts on “In Plain Unsight

  1. The form is new to me–the repetition and disassembly of “birch” could be the word equivalent of a forest, where predators live unseen in plain sight. You captured the canine thoughts fine; a very creative take on the prompt.


    • Or the caribou, which is tastier eating. However, wolves usually settle for small game… down to mice. Domesticated game is easiest. That’s the reason wolves get such bad publicity. A pack might have taken a human down in the history of the world — but only if they sensed a terminal weakness in the human. Thank you, Björn!


    • Thank you! I have always been a wolf person. Was actually face-to-face with one once. In Alaska… under the Northern Lights… sunrise through sunset (30 min, give or take) in January. He didn’t bother me; I surely didn’t seem to be bothering him. Mild interest on his side was more like.

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  2. Wow, Charley! I’m glad I’ve come to this late as it has given me a chance to really look at your work and appreciate it! I also love wolves (any animals really). When I was little, we went to London Zoo with the school and a wolf licked my leg as I leaned against the wire fence of its enclosure to eat my lunch. I have books about wolves and if there’s a programme about them on TV, I watch it.
    I love the way you have built up the visual poem and the placing of the words, especially eh way you have broken up ‘birch’, ‘untameable’, ‘creature’ and ‘unseen’ in contrast to ‘dangerous’ and ‘invisible’.


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