16 thoughts on “Haiku — A Veteran Walks Away

  1. This is really nice, the action of walking away and the sound element makes it connect with this reader. I hadn’t read the one by Basho but yours reminded me of one by Nick Virgilio. He wrote a lot about his brother who died in Vietnam.:
    deep in rank grass
    through a bullet-riddled helmet
    an unknown flower


    • I really like that!

      The thing about Basho’s haiku that’s unnerving is that — due to the vagaries inherent in the process of translation — there are literally a score of the same haiku floating in the muddy atmosphere. I cannot even find the translation I first read and fell in love with. A cricket, a grasshopper… singing, not singing… a helmet, a hat…. Someone needs to get their act together; there’s poetry to be written!!!

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