Paean to My Love






“She walks in beauty like the night”
She’s won my heart not just by sight!
She’s won my heart it’s hers to keep.
She fills my heart awake, asleep!


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub for Meeting the Bar.  Frank Hubeny, our host has asked for “Odes, Poems of Praise.”  Technically this might not fill the bill as an ode, but it’s as close as I’m likely to get tonight (it’s a wonder I’m able to type coherently!).

I’m also posting this to Jilly’s November Casting Bricks Challenge as a half-poem challenge.  The meter, rhyme scheme, and syllable count are fairly straight-forward.  However, if you decide to take on the challenge — you are in the driver’s seat.  And this baby handles tight corners and twists, as well as off-road adventures.


26 thoughts on “Paean to My Love

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