Renga Challenge — Maserati (Charley/qbit)

Neptune 3


Neptune is demanding back royalties;
Wants a comped Maserati GranTurismo

Rome burns with news of the deal
The other Gods inflamed with jealousy

They have a pyro-manic-depressive emperor,
Goes from Nero to Legion at the drop of a toga

It’s all maximum circus now,
Romulus pulls a knife on Remus

You know how cubs can be; wolfing-
down competition in the mything world

Drunk and stumbling down the Appian way
Zeus:  “By Jove, I was a Greek God when I was young!”

While Ares is reading a book on Mars
Jupiter’s fowling up the human’s bars

Gods, men and boys,
Tridents of wantonness and toys

Neptune’s drop-top impresses no Nereids;
Arethusa isn’t seeking a Poseidon adventure.

Water Virgins and Juno lawyered up
Another Archaic Triad bites the dust


qbit has taken up the challenge!  We are doing a collaborative Renga; alternating couplets.  Gods know where we’ll end up.  Fasten seat belts!

Yep!  I called it!  This was a wild, top-down ride, roam’n along the Appian Way (way!).  It’s a land of allusions….  How could it not be?

Shared on dVerse Poet Pubs Open Link.

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