Meanwhile the Tears (a bit of a rant)

Lonely Bird


The fixers have come
unburrowed explaining
how they can fix everyfreakingthing!








Boyitbuoysmy heart to know
they are onthejobontheball
in the no (out of their if-you-see-Kay-ing minds).


If weedjuss do this everything
wilby the way it should be –
get rid of guns and bombs and…
things (try not to roll your eyes and laugh).

If weedalljuss gettit together and learn
to get along (all we are saying is kumbaya, my lord).
I’d like to buy Isis a Coke and a smile (I think they really need a smile).


Really if weedjuss take
our newborns
sealem in

bubblewrap for life –

our offspring
into impervious crashdummies.

(did I mention idiotproof?)

I hear buy propose
a ban that has know hope
of making
us safe from disaster.  Ban politicians, political commentators, journalists and pundits, protesters and social media posters.  It won’t make any of us any safer; but we will be free of the bee-ess so we can grieve the dead and the dying in relative peace.


It’s poetics night at dVerse Poets Pub, and Paul Scribbles, our host and barkeep is violating Grandma.  Oh wait.  He’s encouraging us to violate grammar.  Oh well, that’s different.  Never mind!  🙂

38 thoughts on “Meanwhile the Tears (a bit of a rant)

  1. I don’t even know where to begin, Charley! Firstly, I had a last laugh with your assertion that our host is violating Grandma!!! Ok, in all seriousness, you (pardon the pun) disarmed us with what seems like gibberish language so that you can drive home a very strong point (punctuated by that amazing picture). There is commentary here on the gibberish-speak of the pundits you are punting – this is outstanding!


    • I hope it didn’t sound too much like a conversation with your friends. 🙂 I put this together before the prompt came out, because I have a deep detestation of politicization, and “if you’d only listened to me” crap-ola. The first one into the water as the Titanic tipped bow-ward was the man who said, “I told you….” And that’s as it should be.


  2. I find the fixers so sinister – just the fact that ‘they can fix everyfreakingthing!’ I enjoyed the wordplay in this, Charley, and the compression of words, especially in the lines:
    ‘Boyitbuoysmy heart to know
    they are onthejobontheball
    in the no (out of their if-you-see-Kay-ing minds)’;
    ‘If weedalljuss gettit together and learn
    to get along (all we are saying is kumbaya, my lord)’
    and the aside
    ‘(did I mention idiotproof?)’


  3. Am I funny or something? This didn’t read like gibberish to me. The message comes over loud and clear, in the oddly garbled way messages do when we’re really really hot under the collar about something. Good one 🙂


  4. Wow! So much word-play in this post (LATE to the reading – apologies!)….
    This “(out of their if-you-see-Kay-ing minds).” made me smile….but the idea of bubble-wrapping our children…well, that was food for thought as sometimes we are assailed by words, social media, the news. Too much..two to too much! I was with my grandchildren Tues night and all day Wednesday (hence the late reading) and how do you explain to young children why the flag is at half-mast when it’s there because of something like Las Vegas? Your post hits home in many ways…grammar and made-up words or not. Well done.


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