Troiku – The Doll’s House*



Bashō by Hokusai

Even a thatched hut
May change with a new owner
Into a doll’s house.

— Basho

Even a thatched hut
May serve for my purposes
Respite from life’s noise

May change with a new owner
From hut to refuge
Thatch flexes in storms

Into a doll’s house
I look and see misery
Through the missing wall


Back in 2012 (or 13?) Chèvrefeuille, the host of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, introduced the form he called, Troiku.  Follow the link for more information on this form.  It’s an interesting twist on an ancient and revered poetry form.  It’s also a lot of fun!

* — This title has nothing to do with any other “The Doll’s House,” no matter how wonderful… or depressing it may have been.

14 thoughts on “Troiku – The Doll’s House*

  1. Intriguing form! There are 2 things that stand out about your words: Thatch flexes in storms – holds so much that is true in the literal sense, but figuratively it is a life lesson learned; the missing wall of the doll house reminds me of the breaking down of the 4th wall. Brilliantly done!


  2. I hadn’t seen the original Basho haiku before, so that was intriguing.I like the way your troiku progresses from the thatched hut to the doll’s house: starting with ‘Respite from life’s noise’, the idea of different owners, and then the ‘ misery through the missing wall’ – it sums up the loss and sadness after the hurricane so well. Brought a lump to my throat first thing this morning.


    • I hadn’t thought of the hurricane connection. That adds an interesting dimension to it. I was thinking of doll houses that are open at the back.

      It’s from Basho’s most famous gain in on roaming. Google the first line and you should find it.

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