Renga – “Road of Ashes” Charley/Jilly


Jilly has taken up this crazy challenge!  I will update our ongoing collaboration through 10 couplets.  Stop by and see what insanity she & I cook up!  If you are interested in joining in, stop by the original post for On the Road of Ashes and let me know!  This is a part of the September Challenge of Casting Bricks; join us!  (plagiarized from Jilly’s blog almost verbatim)



I was on the way, on the way
and suddenly, precipitously, I wasn’t

I wasn’t
more than a shard of glass

reflecting the distant light
of “had been” back

grinding image of a bad roll

of aching bones
blow-for-luck wind, shot glass

tossed back
chaser of bitters, straight

from paradise found
to snake bats eyes by the fruit stand

I would sell it all
for a do-over

Reflecting back to what had been
I see the distant light, a shard

Flotsam of ashes
blown down the path

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