Renga Challenge: On the Road of Ashes*

On the Road of Ashes

Ivan Bilibin (from Pinterest)

I was on the way, on the way
and suddenly, precipitously, I wasn’t.

[Your couplet…]

[Repeat 5x]


Administration, Thoughts, Plots, Plans &tc:  (Which have been ‘borrowed’ directly from Qbit because I’m too lazy to reinvent this wheel! Addtionally, he gets credit for the title of this one.)

OK, I think this is a Renga of unstructured couplets for two people, but certainly fun if folks want to do one with more people, although then we’d probably want 20 couplets instead of 10.

I’m hoping that by keeping each writer to two lines, our push/pull on each other stays strong, but leaves enough room to develop a new idea, pivot, etc.

PLEASE SIGN UP IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, and we will work out logistics and kick off the working version in another post.

This is another attempt at a group Renga, part of Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge.

* — “The road of ashes” was coined by Robert Bly

5 thoughts on “Renga Challenge: On the Road of Ashes*

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