Minstrel — Casting Bricks Challenge

Frans Hals/ Der Lautenspieler/ um 1625 - Frans Hals, The Lute player - Hals, Frans l'Ancien


“The minstrel in the gallery / Looked down
upon the smiling faces.” – Ian Anderson


I am but a minstrel, a singer of songs.
A righter of wrongs.
And I sing to make my mistress happy.
And I sing to bring her peace.

When my voice and my lute
do not suffice,
I unsheathe my sword
And I become….


This is written and submitted as part of Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge.  There is no discernible form; but it leans toward a faux-Madrigal (in case there are any Madrigal experts lurking nearby).  If need be… channel Jethro himself… or listen to Traffic’s John Barleycorn Must Die (the song).

13 thoughts on “Minstrel — Casting Bricks Challenge

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