Hospital Birth – Echoes



Darkest hours                                    Labor pains

Patiently pacing                                Wanting to cuss you!

Dim-lit dawn                                      Not again!

Life-embracing                                  Celibacy!


Bald cry echoes                                 Push one more time.

Through the walls                            One last time!

First born child’s                               Placed on me.

Entrance call.                                     Precious life!


This is my attempt at completing Alison’s challenge for Jilly’s August Casting Bricks Challenge.  To participate, find the link on the right-hand side of Jilly’s home page and read the directions.  All are welcome!




13 thoughts on “Hospital Birth – Echoes

  1. It’s cool how this can be read two ways with the structure you’ve given it. The best part is the right-in-the-moment narrative and how the pain causes proclamations that are instantly forgotten when the joy of new life enters. You made me laugh with the reality, baby! Write on, Charley!

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