Winging It

This is day 19 of Days of Unreason:

“The birds are a chorus…clearly relatives of Mozart.” – Jim Harrison


So maybe it wasn’t jazz.  I heard

song bird birdsongs, chattering

squirrels doing improvised scat –

the singing, man!  The singing,

man!  But I heard a chirrup

chorus when I needed cheer-

ing up; feathered types warm-

ing up.  So maybe they sing

something other than jazz.

Other than jazz notes I heard.

Was Mozart a bird?  Was Byrd

a Mozart?  Sax sans a squeak;

twittering wrens who speak,

and warblers who harmonize

with grackles, birds of a song

who bob with robins along,

and pileated and phoebes.

What a choir; who conducts

if not the ducks, and who…

I say who…  I mean whoo…

wails the midrange through?

The birds stir a whirling wind

of sound, a Mozart chorus,

a Heron’s Messiah, a Star

Wars theme song fluting

and cawing, and squawking

into the ever-loving upper

range of notes – taa daa!


A little over a year ago, I joined Jillys2016 in a challenge called “28 Days of Unreason.”  She culled quotes from the poems of Jim Harrison in a book called Songs of Unreason.  We used the quotes as prompts; diving boards suspended over the abyss of poetry.  Jill is revisiting unreason, and I am skipping gleefully along.  Come and join the fun!



34 thoughts on “Winging It

  1. I think that’s “Charlie” Bird Parker all over Mozart there! Was that your Live Sessions, or With Pleasure, LOL! I hope that was as fun to write as it was to read. And then dragging the Cantina in there at the end to boot, birds of a crazy feather.

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  2. [insert my ultra-loud fingers-in-the-mouth whistle from the balcony here.]
    Oh my, Charley!!! Unsure of where to start – there is so much of cleverness and allusion in this amazing poem! Sax sans a squeak is always a welcomed thing, bob with the robins along, and that midrange owl; great writing. The taa-daa! at the end just adds to the glee. I LOVE THIS! Oh, and that picture is priceless. You made my day 🙂

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