Haibun – Summer Curtailed


photo by Charley

It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  Come and join in!

The afternoon thundering has begun.  Over a month and a half of washed-out summer.  Did I ever mention I work in education and this is the season in which educators recover their sanity?  No?  Well, I work in education, and my wife and I haven’t seen a day of activities that hasn’t been cut short, or completely rained out.  While we do have a bumper crop of mold and mildew on the back porch, the market for these two crops is rather low – supply exceeds demand.  We try, oh god, we try to work in recreation in slices.  But the weather is uncooperative, so it’s more slice and dice.  We have even seen the vultures standing on the banks of our pond, wings spread to dry.  They haven’t bothered getting into the water to wash off the offal, our summer faux monsoon showers seem to do the trick!

man in chair looks out
summer sun is false promise
must move or I’ll rust


53 thoughts on “Haibun – Summer Curtailed

  1. How funny. But I commiserate with your feelings. Last summer was super wet for us and it was horrible seeing the rain and gray day after day. As usual your post was fun and witty.

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  2. We have had similar weather. Sorry about the bumper crop of mould and mildew, Charley. We’re in the process of tidying our wilderness but the rain has stopped play several times. My jaw dropped when I read about the vultures – you’d only see them in the zoo here – a place I’m not keen on so I have to make do with the Discovery Channel.The last line of your haiku reminded me of the Tin Man! 🙂

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  3. I feel your pain, well written verse. You could trade places with us, we could use a little wet weather. It’s so dry down here, the catfish are spitting up hairballs. I saw a small line of showers coming toward us this evening, and then they died

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  4. That was really well written — I love the no market for mold and mildew, and “recreation in slices … slice and dice”. Then the vultures who don’t need to bathe — waiting for you in your rusty chair. The Haiku is really great too – you get in the classical elements but perfectly in the now of your life. Kudos!

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  5. Ah, misery drenched liberally with humor. What more could we ask? Cleverly written. I commiserate, living in the season of the monsoons as well, with constant “FLASH FLOOD WARNING” scrolling across the bottom of the TV.

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