Song: Nature Over Nurture… anytime!


Raven q(r)uark, crassing, voicing,
mate circling a similar air.
Independent, minded, capable
of linguistic displacement, weighted
with significant information –
it was present at inception.

Child, dark, sassing, squalling.
Mate has gone out for some air.
Independent, never minds, though capable
of enormous lung displacement, grating
with sibilant screeching.

I should have been absent at its inception.


First, my apologies to Petrujviljoen, who submitted the first half of “Song,” to Jill’s Casting Bricks July challenge.  It’s late at night… the lighting was bad.  Maybe it’s just that Charleys and Charlies (her cat) just are meant to drive people nuts.  🙂  I hope I didn’t cause undue damage.


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