The Old Hum – Reason(ating)

Memory is a prison
A refrigerator buzz
While I make tostadas
A hum over mumbling
Mobsters on the box
A-wandering, mapless
A baroque Sicilian plot

Memory is a prison
The office dialogue
Conversation bubbling
from the next table
My neighbors fight
Polaris gone, swirling heavens
Aging will set me free


Nosaintaugustine posted the first half of The Old Hum as a part of Jilly’s Casting Bricks July challenge.  Here’s my contribution.  I dunno; maybe I should’ve had more coffee….  I hope this works.


13 thoughts on “The Old Hum – Reason(ating)

  1. I like the unmoored feeling of this that kicks in when Polaris is gone and the heavens swirl. The last line is quite a strong statement if you read it as the character looking forward to a loss of memory, which is how I read it. And that ties in perfectly with the sort of person who is tortured by memory. Nice work!

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