Tanaga by 2 — Charley’s Take

If love or lust, you did ask
I would jump up & down to say
That love is where my mind lay,
Not heart, body, I could mask.

But you split minds like devil,
Gave two heaven, which to miss,
I treasure the days of bliss,
To make a choice, void of will.

Oh you are candy and I
A boy, give myself to sweets,
Mindless the aches when one eats
Naughty treats; a lasting cry.

So first, heart cavity fill.
First take the meal on the plate.
Pace myself, dessert can wait!
When hearts pulse so bodies will!


Jeran posted the first two stanzas of this Tanaga as part of Jilly’s Casting Bricks July challenge.  Only he can tell if I kept the tone and voice of what he started.  Part of the joy of this challenge is that the poet always only does one part of the poem; the reader does the finishing up work.  It’s all done by smoke, mirrors, filters… and to some extent PhotoShop.  🙂  I will say that on both Tanagas I’ve completed, I did not use the original rhymes begun by each poet (I didn’t know I was supposed to; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).



3 thoughts on “Tanaga by 2 — Charley’s Take

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