July Challenge: Sail (Charley’s Attempt)


The ocean’s waves are choppy,
Yet how I yearn to sail there,
To feel the sun and fresh air,
Cold, yet new, unknown and free.

Will I find uncharted land?
Following Polaris, bright
Star, I go beyond my sight,
After leaving home’s safe sand.

Stepping out I turn the key,
and throw damned key to the wind.
By staying would I have “sinned.”
Who knows what they’ll say of me?

Fair skies, frigates overhead;
I’m piloting at my own helm.
Life’s storms will not overwhelm.
Star canopy, hammock bed.

Jenna at revivedwriter posted July Challenge: Sail.  Here is my attempt at a completion.  This form (click the link immediately above to read about it) just begs to become an epic tale.  I hope I kept the spirit of her start alive.


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