Antithetical Couplet — Colin and Charley

Happiness of Fish

The joy of the fish whosoever would know
The Dau, makes the waters laugh for to us show

Colin’s contribution is antithetical couplets.  Rather than me trying to explain what that means, click here to read it at his blog.  The second line is my take on it.  Give it a try!




16 thoughts on “Antithetical Couplet — Colin and Charley

  1. Nice, Charley! I struggled to wrap my brain around this one and I’m not sure I understand it yet. I didn’t have the guts to actually post my response to Colin’s challenge. I’ve dropped mine into a comment for him to offer feedback. Time will tell!

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  2. Thank you for volunteering as my guinea pig to this poetic experiment, Charley! There’s no right or wrong to it, as I shared with Victoria earlier: “Somewhat like writing English haiku, as we imitate some original qualities of the form, we are bound by the linguistic differences to add our own touch — like fusion food. The product is different, sometimes unorthodox, but that’s how new ideas are sparked … Please take the balance between conformity and self-expression in your own hand; after all, we’re experimenting with a fusion craft here, which I haven’t seen it done before. (Even if it’s tried, it must be rare.)”

    Not very Chinesey in the construct, but fun stuff, as always. (Like a fish in water, I can always expect to find myself a smile or two whenever on your blog.) I’m still trying to see how that comma works … Hm …

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