The Ballad of Eraser and Pablum

Erasure Head

Eraser Head Donnegan

Pablum McGurk

Pablum McGurk

Eraser Head Donnegan and Pablum McGurk
Wasted no time but went quickly to work
Quickly arrested and quicker set free
the two set out on a robbery and murder spree
Eraser handled the rub-outs Pablum the wheel
though a terrible driver she made tires squeal
They robbed local banks and a retirement home
and farmers and fishers, across the land they did roam.
The coppers got wise, glommed onto them in a snap
they planned a huge dragnet and then baited the trap.
“Don’t let’s go,” Pablum McGurk decried,
But Eraser was the head, and the two of them died.

Pablum got herself in a terrible mix
and she and Eraser got themselves… rubbed out.

Okay, it seemed like a simple, unassuming prompt.  Lillian, behind the bar at dVerse Poets Pub pointed us to a rogue’s gallery and double dog dared us to write a poetic response to an image.  I picked two… and that’s when things went kaflooey.  


46 thoughts on “The Ballad of Eraser and Pablum

  1. Chuckling I am! LOVE the names…..and the roles they played in their escapades….till they got rubbed out that is….undoubtedly by that dastardly guy, Mr. India Ink 🙂


  2. Poor Pablum. I like Eraser Head, sounds like a Dick Tracey character. Children were and often are the unwise abettors of crime, then and now. Loved the pictures and the story went well with it. Maybe Pablum was just a vertically challenged adult, never thought of that

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