Well Spokin’


In my dream I have a huge lead on the Nantua/Chambéry portion of Le Tour.  The hills are as nothing; climbing them on my feather-light Trek barely causes the slightest of humidity in my spandex.  I and my bicycle are one!  The adoring fans lining the road are aghast, asking one another, “Who is this imposter?”  I don’t mind, because they are asking it in French, a language I have yet to attempt.  I smile a smile built of conceit and excessive good health.  I am the wind; the Mistral from Minnesota.  The motorcycle-riding camera crews swarm about me as I enter the outskirts of town.  Sadly I awake before reaching the finish line – the champagne, the jersey – and I roll out of my hammock.  It is time for our ride, my wife and I.  The only reality that echoes my dream is that we ride Trek hybrids (not $30,000 racers), and we will ride about seven miles at a fairly good clip.  The Tour is a dream of my youth, unrequited.  Ah, well…  C’est la vie, no?

Storm clouds build hurdles
Pocket puddles gather frogs
Lightning fast we ride


It’s another Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, and Björn, tonight’s bartender has asked us to write about a sport.



40 thoughts on “Well Spokin’

  1. That narrative well written and engaging. The Haiku was really great too – the juxtaposition of gathering storm and gathering frogs, then the release of the lightning into your speed. We’ll done.

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  2. My dream would be to ride a Trek hybrid (but I would also need a helmet). I had a dream about riding a bicycle recently. I was getting lost among some side streets with little shops. I stopped to buy some pastries and then I couldn’t find where I parked the bike and then I couldn’t find where I put the donuts I bought. The only way out of that mess was to wake up. Your dream got you further than mine did to the finish line.

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    • Well, your dream reveals your deeply held desire to improve your health (hence losing the donuts), and your fondness for UBER (the loss of your bike)… I would have been looking for antique book stores! Our bikes are awesome and, yes, we always wear our helmets! Glad you enjoyed… and shared! Great dream!

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  3. Pedal, Pedal, Ride
    Water bottle on astride
    Silent breeze of life
    Obviously, your words sparked something here! I love the dream – laughed out loud 🙂 Your Haiku is clever and filled with wonderful imagery. Pedal on!

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  4. Pocket puddles gather frogs—I love that image! Sport in a dream sounds like the best way to tackle it. I shall watch the Tour go past this year. They’re going through our bit of the countryside. I’ll think of you while I’m grabbing some of the junk the ‘caravane’ tosses out to the public 🙂

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  5. Love the dream and the reality. Excellent haiku! I especially like: pocket puddles gather frogs.
    I’ve had two 21-speed bikes hanging from hooks in the ceiling of our garage for years now. Mostly waiting for another chance to try to sell them, or just give them away, but you make me want to take mine out for a spin.

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