My Inner Howl


Coyotes cry in the distance dark
but, by stars and leaking
humankind’s phobia,

They sing,
these tricksters wild,
to draw in the heavenly ghosts
that natives round fires danced
into an uneasy treaty of peace.

A meteor bows to their plaint.

Or perhaps the falling star sent
from the Great Spirit will lend
his voice to join the harmonizing
of the outrageous choir on the bluff.

I, in a place too well-lit to free
my voice to the heavens, hum
softly in unison with dogs untamed.

And hope my neighbors don’t hear.


This is loosely based on a long-ago experience of listening in on a dark night howl of a band of coyotes.  Firstly, I don’t think coyotes are technically dogs.  I know they are not appreciated most of the places they still survive.  But I don’t know anything that can raise a ruckus on a quiet night than a band of drunken coyotes.

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