Too Narrow the Focus


photo by Kamil Porembiński, fiddled with by Charley

A thousand knights on war-bred horses ride.
And sparrows sing the fog away in morn.
When wine and bread my gut do fill betide,
I’ll sing the battle psalm like manner born.
In troth a dry comfort I sucked and cried,
but learned to climb and handouts did I scorn.
Tis when we’ve pockets filled our past is lost.
A circle joined, a place, at such a cost.

It’s Ottava Rima night at dVerse Poets Pub.  Barkeep Frank bids us post our iambic efforts and peruse the gallery.  Come along and join in!

20 thoughts on “Too Narrow the Focus

    • Now that is high praise. To engage the senses in a poem. Not tell them, but to bring the reader into a place of sight, smell…. Thank you for that complement!


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