Summer — a Haibun

lighting in a bottle

photo by Charley

The alchemy of our evenings under lamplight,
firefly light,
bottled lightning under the watchful eye of the thrush,
cease to happen with the onslaught
of Summer (natsu) and the boiling
heat that accompanies.  Our gathered
moments huddled
around a fire, where we suspend
over hungry flames a subliming
mallow – solid to solid, yet transformed – cease.
It is too much to suppose s’mores happen
in the season when humans melt.

Green lizard –
are you ready to occupy
our porch for the summer?

It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  Björn is serving up recipes from the Bartender’s Guide, and challenging all comers to offer up recipes of their own… seasonal recipes, to be exact.


39 thoughts on “Summer — a Haibun

  1. I never thought about that, that s’mores are set aside for the time when people melt from the heat. That’s so creative. The green lizards have already taken over our porch. Our cat used to try to eat them. Now she’s to old.

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    • In Portland, as I recall, you don’t have mosquitoes. Lizards eat mosquitoes. S’mores add needless calories. The chocolate is the upside of s’mores. Chocolate served inside where there’s air conditioning, and mosquitoes served outside where it’s as hot as can be works for me. 🙂

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  2. Love these two lines:
    “It is too much to suppose s’mores happen
    in the season when humans melt.”

    When I was a kid in Southern California, we made s’mores out camping no matter what the weather. In the desert is always cools off enough in the evening for a campfire, even if the days cause melting.

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