Too Soon the Press

Peace River Audubon Society

Peace River Audubon Society

I remember when I flew
the nest. On my own to fend,
I questioned what should I do

A juvenile Blue Jay is sitting
on our back fence, quiet,
very unlike an adult; the grown ones learn
early on that life is chase and catch
or wither and die.


Very much I long for her to stay
pleasantly at peace.
In place. Soaking up
the glitters
on the pond, chattering
under the crisp late Spring
breezes that have followed
this morning’s cold front.

The day that started
dank and smothering has been blown
clean behind the zone. The moon becomes
crystal, the sky glass,
the few clouds exclamations.

Still I know that birds must get busy
being birds. They haven’t
the luxury of time to sit
on the fence observing
unless it’s for food… or predators.

Like Monday through Friday, thinking
dreaming, philosophizing
gets in the way of worm gathering,
bug picking….

Life moves quickly, young bird.

Get a flap on!

15 thoughts on “Too Soon the Press

  1. Oh, this is peaceful with that panic & stress undertone and I simply love it! Firstly, that bird picture is charming, then the line about the clouds being exclamations really caught my attention. Your last line fits with the charm of the picture and keeps us from despairing over the Monday – Friday part in our heads. Well done!

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  2. I think they have plenty of time to rest. We just see them catching stuff and think that’s all they are doing. Of course, they probably don’t want to sit on a back fence all day long either, not with all that sky to enjoy. I liked that last line.

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  3. I think they are busy doing bird stuff, I was taking a walk last week and two blue jays flew in front of my path. I watched them flutter from branch to branch. It made my heart dance a bit.

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