The Limerick Twist

four-leaf clover

One2One Network

I heard of a loan shark named Lars
who worked in the seediest bars.
Thirty percent per day,
and if you didn’t pay,
He’d shoot off your kneecaps, of carse!

So, tonight at dVerse Poets Pub, the innkeeper is serving up glasses of Irish and pints of our favorite brew.  In my case that would be Murphy’s; although I acknowledge the preference of many to that other purveyor of stout.  Anyway, in payment we are being cajoled into sharing a limerick or two.  Here’s mine.



30 thoughts on “The Limerick Twist

  1. Funny stuff. I like a good pint of Murphy’s but he doesn’t like me taking his drink.
    Carse is a Scottish geographical term. Of carse you were not using it in that context but I thought you might be interested.
    In Scottish geography, a Carse (the modern form of older Scots kerse) is an area of low-lying, typically alluvial and fertile land occupying certain Scottish river valleys such as that of the River Forth.

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