Elegy Out of Time



We came as one to cast our choice
Set a course for this country grand
One group felt reason to rejoice
Another stood to make a stand

Will our passions divide our land,
and stifle all dissenting voice?
Tear asunder as some demand,
or freedom’s banner once more hoist?

American spirit and pride,
too trite, cliché, passé, decried.
Set the granite, lay on the wreath.
Not yet!  Not yet!  She has not died!

My third effort for the NaPoWriMo 2017.  The prompt I followed was “write an elegy.”  This one is loosely — very loosely — based on a single stanza elegy by Ambrose Bierce.

Okay, I’m not a political person.  That is, I hold my politics, like my cards, close to my chest.  And I’m not a zealot.  I’ve just gotten tired of the… trash… on both sides of the aisle (as they say) that passes for rhetoric.  We have gotten to the place where discussion is sidelined by rage and fear.  Where it comes from and who generates it matters not at all to me.  I’m just tired of it.

Do I think the United States is a perfect county?  No.  No country that allows homo sapiens within its confines can be in any way perfect.  Do I think it’s better than other countries?  Yep.  I’ve lived overseas.  We’re better.  I’ve talked to those who have come to live here from elsewhere.  We’re better off than most.

Anyway….  this is about poetry.  Enjoy if you’re able.  Pass it by if you aren’t.

It doesn’t cost you anything except the time to read it.


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