We Wait Intently Searching for Life


Walden Pond – Image Public Domain

The woods send
signals out into space.

Garlands of pollen casting
constellations swirling
across the boundless void
of our slumbering, silent

A season of rebirth
and discovery has come
upon us.


My second effort for NaPoWriMo (I think I went to that Bible Camp as a kid) 2017.  I didn’t follow any of the proffered prompts.  I know!  Imagine a poet that doesn’t color inside the lines!  I don’t do well following prompts.  I could claim that I’m gifted, but my test scores have always said otherwise.  Anyway, if this gets me kicked out of NaPoWriMo it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked to leave and take matches and gasoline with me.


8 thoughts on “We Wait Intently Searching for Life

  1. Jilly asked me to read this, and I am glad I did. Allergies. LOL!

    I liked even better the gasoline and matches issue. Been there….the rejection hurts until I decide they are all assholes. Then I feel better. Poetry doesn’t improve, but my attitude does….

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