Coming Down With Grace

Marcel Duchamp, Nude Descending Staircase, No. 2 — Image Public Domain

Enigmatic beauty?
Perhaps.  Two dimensional
to be sure.  Her smile eludes
interpretation.  Her eyes shine
like those of the Sphinx.

Ebon form.  No, café au lait.
Perhaps tan.  The light is playing
tricks on my stuttering
eyes.  She moves
as no other.  Her strokes
are light and straight, and true.

To me she is many women.

So, can you have too many NaPoWriMo prompts (or sites, for that matter)?  This prompt caught me off guard because I am hard pressed to choose one of my favorite pieces of art.  I’m not indiscriminate; I just love art.

For whatever reason, this painting just… descended into my imagination.


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