Dear Poets who Write Open Letter Poems

I just wanted to use this moment to express my opinion
– in response to a daily prompt of which I am not fond –
of the writing of poetry in the guise of an open letter.
Let me start by saying that the form is trite, contrived.
While I believe, dear poets, that poets should be freed
to express themselves in whatever form they decide,
surely you must agree with me that cliché and hackneyed
are elements that reduce pure poetry to pop lyrics.
Allow me to add that the form causes one to be more
contentious, more prone to controversy than say
the villanelle, the English sonnet, and the haiku
…although perhaps we can agree an open letter
poem is preferable to the limerick (how many times
can you stand to hear rhymes based on Nantucket?).
Finally, I think you will agree with me, O kind poets,
that we can find better use for our muses and our
pains, desires, epiphanies, and philosophies than
can be found in the pedestrian open letter poem.

Yours truly,


4 thoughts on “Dear Poets who Write Open Letter Poems

    • Charlie, my friend. That poem was all of my own invention. No mean blog sites! I was just in a mood for no particular reason. Happens when you’re a poet… as you well know. Anyway, just been laying low (or lying low). Working on other things that take up way too much time. This poem, by the way, is over a year old. Just thought I’d post it for fun. But if it’s going to step on toes for any reason, then I’ll have to dump it off my blog.

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      • That is awesome! hahaha!!! wow! You really had me with this poem. In a good way. 🙂 Don’t take this poem down. Leave it. I love what you did here. Brilliant my friend. 🙂

        I missed ya…was wondering what happen and where you went. So you’re working right? How’s life treating you?

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