No Slytherin, I



In darkened turmoil
a child who dreaming
sleep’s chaos to roil
and darkness uncoil

At the foot unreal
climbed abed flicking
a forked tongue soft feel
touched my tender heel

A black serpent here
upright voiceless scream
unreasoning fear
a nightmare quite clear

Reality now
our dog calls alarm
snake with angry brow
Chase the fear but how?

Snakes should flee, instead
‘though I’m armed he comes
viper he brings dread
strike, sever his head

A Cottonmouth he
will charge and strike out
the he may be a she
baby snakes may be

Brave, I’m no great shakes
fear with action me
I’ll do what it takes
“Why’d it have to be…?”

dVerse – Poets Pub
Poetics: What Are You Afraid Of?
Mish is our barkeep tonight and she’s challenging us to open up and share our fear(s) in a poem.  Come join us; but don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Muahahaha!

42 thoughts on “No Slytherin, I

  1. Yes…snakes should flee!!
    I felt like I was “slithering” in and out of dream in this piece. They like to visit the playground at the preschool where I work. I hide my fear for the sake of learning opportunities.

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  2. I like snakes but can understand why many people are afraid of them. The only time I was anxious about a snake was when my (long since dead) dog approached an adder that was sunning itself on our garden path. When I lived in Germany, my best friends had several large constrictors that fascinated me. However, I prefer cats as pets!

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  3. I see a couple of allusions in this stunning poem; Harry Potter and the Biblical Fall. I admit, I’m a sucker for allusion! The dream sequence in the opening is filled with surrealism that caught me immediately with the experience of the fear. Well done! The connection between the dream and the reality of the story that follows flows in such a way that your reader is not certain where to draw the line. Oh, and I love the rhyme scheme 🙂

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    • Thank you, Jilly! Sometimes I think you see more in my poetry than I do. But I’ll just say, “Yes, I’m glad you noticed that,” and pretend intelligence. Glad you enjoyed my snaky poem!


  4. Yeah.. it’s hard for me
    to kill too.. sure..
    even a snake..
    or a roach
    or even
    a flea..
    i just
    let ’em
    bee.. even
    a wasp who
    wants to sting..
    hmm.. never had
    a cotton mouth come
    to bed.. i suppose there
    IS A first for everything..
    my friEnd..

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  5. I understand fear of snakes. that’s why I kill them all, (except grass snakes). you just can’t tell the good from the bad. Your dreamscape weaves around fantasy and reality, kind of snakey like, very good

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  6. Wasn’t it Indiana Jones who said “Snakes, Why’d it have to be snakes?” That seemed the one thing that creeped him out! I don’t mind snakes. I mostly see black racers in our yard…harmless, beneficial for the ecology. I’ve never come upon a venomous snake in all my years of living (and walking in the woods) in Florida but my grandfather found and killed rattlesnakes on his property here several times.

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