Locations That Pack Sirius Heat


copyright 2015 by Charley

My hometown, the City of Lakes, by August carried prairie furnace temperatures on its shoulders.  Sans conditioned air we moved the sauna atmosphere through our houses with window fans and our famed Minnesotan positivism.  “Sure is hot, huh?”  “Ja, but I bet its hotter elsewhere, ya know.”  Texas was my next summer cook out.  Air Force basic training in late July through August.  San Antonio’s cockroaches simmered in the nighttime swelter.  Stepped on one, one night, and he laughed and decried, “Is that the best you can do?”  Next would be the Sand Hills of North Carolina.  Fayetteville was hot and dead; no breath from either the mountains or the sea.  I learned the drawl was a side effect of the sun and the oppressive heat, y’all.  Nothing moves fast when it’s cooking on the stove.  Enid is where I first learned about Wind Heat Index.  True.  A wind blowing at temperatures above your body’s own will cause you to feel hotter!  And some mornings we would have twenty five knots of flame-throwing joy careening past us straight from the Red River Valley.  Needles was needless.  One hundred thirty when I arrived mid-afternoon.  One hundred thirty when I checked out of Needles at three in the morning.  Adios, Death Valley Days!  Other spots I could add – New Orleans, Gulfport, and places less storied.  Now Orlando; though for us it’s been quite temperate in comparison.  A sea breeze if you please.  Blessed heat, I won’t complain.  Far from snow shoveling and back strain.  Bring on the Dog!

Sun’s weight heavy now
dogged with summer’s heat we are
Mockingbird sings sweet

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Haibun Monday #17: It’s Too Darned Hot!




32 thoughts on “Locations That Pack Sirius Heat

  1. SMiLes.. my friEnd..
    i too live in the Florida
    sub-tropic sugar beach and river/creek/golden
    stream way with quartz beach too..
    and wherever there is water
    and breeze there is
    relief of heat too…
    note to self..

    Been spEnding
    too much
    noW inside..;)

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    • Glad you enjoyed my humble offering. Get outside more… AC more dangerous than ISIS… our Secretary of State says so. Perhaps he was traumatized by a Motel 6 room unit as a young lad. Peace!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha! Thanks.. Friend.. Rarely
        Watch the news.. Will have
        To Google that one.. For
        Me.. i miss the Beach.. Have
        Been in the Forest more lately in my backyard.. Weather doesn’t ever bother me much.. i wear shorts in 18 degree weather.. in fact.. haven’t worn pants in 40 months.. And i dance in the rain and everywhere i go.. Not much bothers me at all.. SMiLesx2..:)

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      • Ok.. i ‘snoped’ that and
        That’s a conservative
        News created myth..
        He said the environmental
        Treaty to reduce ozone was
        Equally important in Saving the earth species.. But anyway.. The most dangerous threat was an epic fail by the Bush administration.. Over 10ok innocent deaths that has more or less fire started all this additional crap in the Middle East that has been going on since about the 7th Century.. Politics is a circus that i understand more than is fun.. Have a nice day.. Hard to fight greedy status and power driven people..:)


  2. This is fabulous – a travelogue within the hot sun! And the photo made me smile!!
    I’m reminded of a hike we took back into the white rocks, near Death Valley, where the only relief was to lean on the cool rock and that lasted for only a minute. Or the time we were hiking in France in unbelievable heat – with the Wayfarers – and the tour guide included a stop at a vineyard where we went into the warehouse where the wine was aging and everyone lay down on the warehouse cement floor to feel the cool!
    Thanks for the memories and the great write!

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  3. When I was a kid growing up in Orlando without air conditioning, I could run around all day out in the sun but now…have I just gotten used to the air conditioning or is it really hotter out there? I liked your travelogue too of “hot” spots you’ve been to. I do remember New Orleans being hot the summer I passed through there…

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