a forgetting wind

forgetting wind 2

Copyright 2016 by Charley

a brow furrowed
of cumulonimbus
what I then called
thunderstorm clouds galloped
across the city lake on racing
horses bringing
lightning striking
thunder concussing
a forgetting
wind as I huddled
stupidly under a towering
oak branches flailing
rain stinging
eyes shuddering
lake breaking

pacific no more

to this day a forgetting
wind is ingrained
in my wildest nightmares

Jilly tells us that “[‘A forgetting wind’] …came from Uriel by Emerson and it screamed at me with possibility.”  She is challenging any and all poets to create a poem utilizing this line.  With me it was a no-brainer (one could argue that most of my writing is…).  My poem is based on a real event when I was a young (and stupider) teen.  Later, as an Air Force meteorologist I considered how fortunate I was not to have made an ash of myself.

dVerse – Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight #176


14 thoughts on “a forgetting wind

  1. Love that this prompt worked for you, Charley! The experience is terrifiyingly real and you use well-written sound devices to make it so. Thanks for participating! (Of course, the best part is your ‘ash’ comment at the end!)

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  2. That’s a very cool phrase and I loved how you used it here. There was more than one time when I was a kid caught in a thunderstorm and I huddled under a tree…especially out on the golf course down the street from my house. Very easily could have been ash! 🙂

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  3. Brilliant write – must have been one helluva of a storm.
    “A much more vivid reality” – I can see then why it is firmly ingrained in your wildest nightmares.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

    Liked by 1 person

    • A thunderstorm viewed from within a climate-controlled enclosure is a faint avatar of the unadulerated reality. …enough to scare the pants off… well, it’s scary! Glad you enjoyed it!


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