Un Voyage du Coeur

popup rose

copyright 2015 by Charley

“Oh, girl, you stand by me.  I’m forever yours.  Faithfully.”

– Jonathan Cain (keyboardist of Journey)


Got no reason to believe
our ten year’s journey
together in love – a road filled
with amazing heights,
awkward twists,
unexpected detours –
won’t improve.

If not straighten.

You and I love the nature trails,
hidden wonders discover,
surprised by bird song
and joy’s flowers!

dVerse – Poets Pub
5-4-3-2-1 !!!!   Happy 5th anniversary D’verse!
In Quadrille stye, in 44 words exactly, write a poem or prose, with the word JOURNEY.
Part 1, Catching Up with Brian Miller



41 thoughts on “Un Voyage du Coeur

  1. The photo and title are beautiful, Charley! and how clever to use a Journey song lyric 🙂 The best of this Journey poem is in the closing stanza – the surprises of bird song and flowers on a tough path; beautifully done!

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    • Oh, we’ve faced lions and tigers and bears, too! Possibly a cat who leaves a smile behind… I really don’t remember it all clearly. Just my partner who remains steady. Glad you enjoyed it, Walter!


  2. Wonderful! And I’m wondering….perhaps the journey with one’s life partner should seek out the crooked, more interesting roads….maybe the straightened ones aren’t quite as fun? 🙂

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  3. The unexpected paths, twists and turns …they keep the journey alive and moving. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. I really do look at it as an accomplishment. Marriage is work, but love can do most of it, if you let it.
    Beautiful quadrille to share.

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