Scented Cab – Sent a Cab

Pepe le Pew

Pepe le Pew (image from

Upstate New York.
Rural north.
Couple in a taxi.
Yes, even here!
Dark two lane.
Driver has the radio on low,
“Crossing the highway late one night….”

Into the lights.
Black and white.
Didn’t react right;
jumped up with fright.



r – o – l – l – i – n – g


up and over the cab
spraying his scent as he went.

Screech of tires.
Doors flung open.
Three running three ways.
Carcass on the tarmac.

Half hour wait.
Luggage on the shoulder.
Taxi a total.

Wafting le Pew!

dVerse – Poets Pub
Poetics: Empire of Scents
Grace, doing poetics bar keeping at the pub is challenging us to “…dive into the world of scents.   Drizzle your verses with spices, if you are a lover of food.   Make us happy or sad, even lusty and sensual, to evoke memories. Fill our plate with your scented words, and fill our nostrils with emotions.”

13 thoughts on “Scented Cab – Sent a Cab

  1. BWA HAA HAA!!!! What a marvelous story and the form is perfect, perfect, perfect! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you posted a picture of one of my favs 😉 You rocked this prompt… and you rolled it, too – tee hee! ‘Mah dahlink – where ah you?’

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  2. Oh, yuk. That would be an unforgettable taxi ride, for sure. We live near a river and recently a dog in the neighborhood encountered a skunk and 4 baths later (special ones) you can still get a hint. One of the disadvantages of a somewhat rural neighborhood.

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