A Short One Act Play


Florida Sunrise.  Photo by Charley

Eos with rosy fingers the curtain parts.
Clouds and mist exeunt stage left.
Key lights: indigo, turquoise, gold, rose.
Eos exits.
Protagonist ascends center stage.
Protagonist: (clears throat, scans the audience)

“Arise!  Arisen!  Arose!
A rose to each;
the beloved of all he chose.”

dVerse – Poets Pub
Quadrille #12
Bjorn, our host, invites us to write a Quadrille that somehow includes “…the word rose, a wonderful flower, but also a color, a name, a verb (both making something rosy, the past tense of rise). One of the most used (and misused words in poetry… Let’s see the world in rose-tinted glasses or bring forth the thorns…”.

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