Havoc Played On the Roses

Cat and Rain

Lucky Jack Watches the Storm (from loriedarling.com / Pinterest.com)

The shrieking ghosts of rain
a-charging on beastly winds
rose unbidden
without hint

They raced
through our yard
– crossed the pond
with lightning jolt
Quick thump

Tree arms vainly attempt
to cover un-bowing heads.

Deep breath.

Rose light breaks through.

dVerse – Poets Pub
Quadrille #12
Bjorn, our host, invites us to write a Quadrille that somehow includes “…the word rose, a wonderful flower, but also a color, a name, a verb (both making something rosy, the past tense of rise). One of the most used (and misused words in poetry… Let’s see the world in rose-tinted glasses or bring forth the thorns…”.




47 thoughts on “Havoc Played On the Roses

    • When I was growing up in Minnesota, the summer storms would come like a cleaning crew — everything would appear so crisp and clear afterwards. Glad you enjoyed it, Bjorn!


  1. Storms can come up very quick and fierce here too…and then they’re done…sun peeks through again with maybe a rainbow or two. I enjoyed your sound words, adds to the ferocity coming down on those roses. I love that cute kitten watching outside too!

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